Willoughby WWTP Capacity Enhancement

Project 208-19
Willoughby, OH

The City of Willoughby Eastlake WPCC Capacity Enhancement Project scope includes construction of a new Flow Diversion Chamber that will intercept plant by-pass flow and redirect it to the Existing Primary Clarifier #3 & #4. Once both Clarifiers are full, the bypassed flows exceeding the capacity of Primary Tanks #3 & #4 will be conveyed to the Existing Aeration Basin #5 & #6 at the rear of the plant via the new 9.3 MGD Transfer Pump Station and a 24” HDPE Force Main. The project also included upgrades to the existing Primary & Final Clarifiers, new Pumps, new Slide & Sluice Gates along with two new Grit Handling Shaftless Spiral Conveyors.