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Ohio’s new operating budget calls for an investment of $500 million in brownfield revitalization, including $350 million dedicated to site cleanup and $150 million for demolition of nuisance buildings over the next two years.

Ohio Department of Development https://development.ohio.gov will lead both programs and is currently finalizing the eligibility rules and distribution guidelines for this new round of funding.

We’ll update you on program rules, application information and more when more information is finalized.

Brownfield Remediation Resources

Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program  https://www.epa.ohio.gov/derr/volunt/volunt

Ohio CP List https://www.epa.ohio.gov/derr/volunt/certification/cpapp.aspx#150254509-cp-list

Property owners have a way to investigate possible environmental contamination due to hazardous substances by using qualified, experienced professionals such as engineers and scientists certified by Ohio EPA as certified professionals (CP).

Redeveloping Brownfields https://www.greaterohio.org/redeveloping-brownfields

Environmental Remediation and Brownfields Links https://epn.osu.edu/getting-started/helpful-links/energy-materials-sustainability-environmental-remediation-brownfields

Jobs Ohio Revitalization Program https://www.jobsohio.com/revitalization/

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