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NEORSD Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station

Project 255-20
Cleveland, OH

At the NEORSD Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station Project, several subcontractors are working to complete the exterior construction of the building. This spring and summer will be busy inside the new building with installation of the HVAC, process, and electrical systems. This complex project is continuing successfully towards startup activities starting late fall, and completion in May 2023.

The Station will mitigate overflows into Lake Erie by dewatering the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Storage Tunnel and pumping the stored CSO to the Westerly WWTP when the plant has capacity to treat it. This Pump Station is a new 10,080 SF, 35-foot tall steel and masonry building under construction over top of the existing 46-foot diameter, 215-foot deep tunnel shaft. The project also includes installation of five massive submersible pumps (each producing over 525 HP and 6,250 GPM of flow) at the bottom of the shaft. Piping from each pump up through the shaft and into a new valve vault that feeds a new forcemain pipe to the Westerly plant is also included. Additionally, this project includes various general trade activities for construction of the facility. The project started in November 2020 and will complete in May 2023 at a cost of $27.3M. Upon completion, this project will be a major component of NEORSD’s Westerly Storage Tunnel Program that will control overflows at 2 permitted CSO locations along the Cuyahoga River to relieve local wet weather flooding AND reduce NEORSD’s CSO discharge volume into the Cuyahoga River by 277 million gallons per year, resulting in improved water quality in the river and Lake Erie.