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City of Cleveland Crown Residuals Improvements

Project 156-19
Westlake, OH

Replacement of the plant’s two existing sludge dewatering plate presses with two new screw presses for dewatering solids from the raw water treatment sourced from Lake Erie (sludge and slit). The new screw press process requires automated conveyors and motor actuate chutes, and supporting platforms. Great Lakes will be furnishing and installing the supporting equipment (polymer triplex system, duplex air compressor, wash water booster pumps, tanks and mixers), piping/automated valves and controls. Great Lakes will also be replacing seven sludge feed pumps, and four 100 ft. dia. clarifier drive mechanisms. The project includes a new masonry electrical room, various architecture repairs, and replacing the Dewatering SCADA Plant Control System (four PLC’s which monitors and controls the entire dewatering plant operation).